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We are proud to be Vaillant accredited boiler installers

Vaillant is an exceptionally well engineered boiler with a great customer service standard. They are a strong mover in the heating business. Most heating engineers will install or recommend these boilers over any other.

Boiler installation location

If its a straight swap then its simple….In terms of new locations for boilers then the sky’s the limit really. They can go in the loft, kitchen, bedrooms, dining rooms, garages and even in bathrooms. Of course we are governed by regulations so will advice and install accordingly.

The factors we consider include how we get services such as gas, water and heating pipes to the boiler and how to get products of combustion and condense away from the boiler. We also have to consider running an electrical supply to a fused spur to supply the boiler.

If you already have a combination boiler in place then we may only have to bring a 22 mm or 28 mm gas supply to the boiler (if the existing supply is to small) and a condense away (if your old boiler is a non condensing).

We can typically follow the same flue route and connect to the services, primaries and electric.

Running a shower from a combination boiler

Combination boilers sized correctly and operating from good mains pressure can provide fantastic power showers. Have in mind that a good shower needs 12 lts per minute. For households or businesses with a mixer shower connected to the boiler, installing a 24 kw unit will be undersized and will not really be suitable for showers. Boiler installation Bristol – A 24kw unit such as the Vaillant EcoTEC Pro 24 (ERP), Vaillant ecoFIT pure 824, Vaillant ecoTEC plus 825 or Worcester 24kw will give on average between 8 lts – 9 lts per minute depending on incoming cold water temperature and incoming mains supply. This is no good for a decant shower, especially if someone draws hot water at the same time (essentially the flow rate will half). Boiler power (in kilowatts) behind the hot water supply needs to be 28 kw absolute minimum. We would recommend a ecoFIT pure  830 (ERP), ecoTEC pro 30 minimum, however a Vaillant ecoTec Plus 832 or a Vaillant ecoFIT pure 835 in shower situations will be perfect. Both boilers delivery over 12 lts per minute – which is a good shower

Our Quotation

Boiler installation Bristol – Boiler installation and heating system design by us are always tailored to each person’s individual house hold or business needs. We take into consideration the hot water demand of the property, heating load, gas supply pipe etc. We offer a free survey and quotation service for customers living in and around Bristol – We visit any home owner or business owner who is serious about upgrading their heating system or having a system designed and installed by a gas safe registered company such as SWR Plumbing and Heating. Remember – Boiler installation Bristol is only one phone call away, have your boiler installed by a local company, central heating engineers that are free from big company policy and independent.

If you live in or around Bristol and are looking for a fair quotation with a no hassle survey then call us now on 07900 570 888.